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Friends, Partners, and Collaborators



North Branch Projects has been fortunate to work with many individuals and organizations who have contributed their time, talent, skills, energy, money, space, and resources.


People have devoted countless hours as studio assistants and instructors, while others have simply reached out to donate tools or materials. North Branch Projects would not be able to maintain activity without the help of these generous individuals and groups. We've had artists organize exhibitions and local neighborhood activists encourage us to share our creative resources with their own groups. We've been asked to teach classes, workshops, and lead discussions about the book arts in other spaces such as schools, universities, museums, and other cultural centers, extending our reach to those who may not have encountered books in the same way.


We are well aware of the dynamic range and scope of work this community produces. The people involved continue to create reciprocal opportunities, bringing meaning and experiences we can't express in words. THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed, supported, and partnered with us! We encourage you to look into their work through available links.

Organizations and Institutional Partners/Workshop and Project Collaborations:



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