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Albany Park Branch Public Library Workshops

Every second Wednesday of each month, North Branch Projects leads a basic bookbinding workshop at the Albany Park Branch Public Library. Held in the community room from 3:30-5 p.m., the workshop is open to all and is conducted as a kind of community binding session, where participants help construct parts of books for the archive.

In exchange for their assistance and time making books forlearning new skills and binding processes, participants also For example, stab bindings may be taught Led by a teaching artist, these sessions 

A student contributes an entry into one of the books located at Little Village Lawndale High School.

Village Roller

A second 96 Acres Project pedestal was created and placed in the library of Little Village High School, where the student population made up the majority of responses. After a year in the school, it moved to another library: the local branch in Albany Park where many students from both Von Steuben HS and Roosevelt HS now engage in the dialogue.


Since: 2015


Current Location:

Albany Park Branch Public Library

3401 W. Foster

Albany Park, Chicago, IL




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